So off we went hoping that the early departure would put us in good time to get north to Lallibela and journey onwards with lots of time – Not….We got a few kilometres outside Efeson and were forced to stop at the end of a long line up caused by a massive mudslide across the main highway. There in the water, mud and fallen rock sat several Toyota Land cruisers, Toyota Hiluxes and a couple of minivans. What a mess! Confusion ensued, and minutes after we got to the start of the lineup to get a better look at the spectacle, we looked up hearing the rush of a diesel engine just in time to see one last attempt by one confident Hilux driver to make the drive across the slide and he too, only metres away from the pavement sadly sunk up to his right front fender to the cumulative groooan of the onlookers. This is Africa!

This spectacle afforded Tadesse the opportunity of lecturing us on the increase of
Erosion and the decline of good agricultural practices. Tadesse maintains that with the proliferation of modern technology, higher education in Ethiopia is swinging disproportionately in the direction of communication technology, building engineering to accommodate the market drive to expand housing and office buildings, resulting in a large deficit in basic agricultural education.


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