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OIL BOOM which features 10 original songs

Read the liner notes and lyrics here and the back cover here.
Promotional Poster and CD label (Click on the images for a larger size) Oil Poster Oil CD Label

Play some clips from the CD

Shaw Gusher
Black Gold   
Oil Was Found
Letter From Java
Jerker Line Breakdown
The Oil we Have Today
The summer of 2008 marked the 150th anniversary of the first Discovery of Oil in North America. Oil discovery, oil production and refining took place in our very own Enniskillen Township, more specifically in the towns of Oil Springs and Petrolia situated just west of London Ontario. These activities of  the late 1800’s were surrounded by a frenzie similar to the famous gold rushes of the late 1800’s.  Local events included “Black Gold Extravaganza” in April and a  “Commemorative Stamp Launch” in May of 2008.  These were part of the efforts to celebrate and commemorate some of what is considered the most important world events of the 19th and 20th centuries.  For more information go to or

Oil collage

In addition, The Lambton County Museums and Fairbank Oil Properties of Petrolia and Oil Springs  jointly supported the writing and recording of a suite of songs to reflect the importance and the significance of oil discovery in Canada. As a result my second cd was released in early Spring 2008. The project was the focus of my writing on this important Canadian history resulting in a 10 song cd  under the direction of the accomplished singer/songwriter and producer James Gordon of Guelph, Ontario.