Heart of Africa

Bernie volunteered with the Kinsmen African Medical Relief during the Ethiopian famine in the late 1980’s, and worked subsequently as their Field Director. For a twelve-year period, he led projects in integrated rural development in Africa and in 2001 was awarded the Lewis Perinbam Award for Excellence in International Development. Bernie volunteered with the Panafric International Academy, an elementary school in Ethiopia, and with St. Kizita’s Church in rural Uganda. Bernie has documented this work in his book: Heart of Africa.

“Heart of Africa is an inspirational memoir that shows the lengths to which thousands of relief volunteers go to help those in need and make this world a better place to live. Author Bernard James Gilmore’s touching memoir brings a ray of hope in an increasingly volatile world. The book perfectly demonstrates that no matter what culture or ethnicity you belong to, the basic needs of every man, woman, and child are a birthright to which they should have access. The author recounts riveting personal anecdotes about his experiences in Ethiopia, including traversing beautiful yet wild and untamed locales, embracing the rich culture and heritage, and connecting with some truly unique and vibrant people. I thoroughly enjoyed Heart of Africa. Highly recommended.” (Readers’ Favourite)

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